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Fake or Genuine

$36 million fake Toyota Spare Parts Caught in Dubai Police Raids

Al-Futtaim Motors  in partnership with Dubai Police and other government authorities conducted several raids on the alleged counterfeit car part distributors and confiscated over AED 36 million worth of counterfeit parts.  Fake and substandard automobile parts are cited as one of the main reasons for the increasing number of road accidents worldwide and established auto companies take part in the periodic crackdown on alleged fake parts agents.  However, customers resort to fake parts due to economic reasons and sometimes abnormally high price of the original parts. The fake car  spare parts market estimated to be nearly $ 30 billion per year

As the official distributor of Toyotoa vehicles and spare parts, the company has been spreading awareness on the dangers of counterfeit car parts.Al-Futtaim Motors conducted a series of training, helping over 240 government officials in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to differentiate between genuine and fake Toyota parts and provided the right tools to further educate the public about the importance of using genuine parts.

As part of its public awareness campaign, Al-Futtaim Motors in partnership with the Dubai Police conducted two exhibitions throughout the third quarter at two different shopping malls, to educate the public about the risk involved in using fake car parts, and to help them spot suspicious products sold by unauthorized distributors.

Saud Abbasi, Managing Director of Toyota at Al-Futtaim Motors said “Fake parts are not produced by certified manufacturers, hence; they don’t meet any of the safety and quality standards set by the manufacturer. Customers need to be informed of the importance of buying only genuine parts for their vehicles, at authorized dealers, otherwise, they could be putting themselves, their loved ones and the public at risk.” Toyota genuine parts, sold by Al-Futtaim Motors are built to meet the highest in quality standards, thus adding to its quality, reliability and durability.

While estimates said about 80 percent of parts fitted into the repair vehicles are allegedly fake, garages and established mechanics recommend fake parts for economic reasons. Some customers cannot afford to buy genuine parts, sometimes the price of an original spare part is not within the reach of some customers, especially those who use old Toyota vehicles.  However, using fake tyres and brake pedals can be fatal and many accidents are caused by such substandard parts, according to Dubai Police.  It is a question of life and death and the authorities are concerned about the dangers posed by fake parts and their advocates.   Sometimes officials of the established dealers have been part of the fake part syndicate. A leading Japanese vehicle dealer in a GCC country was found to be handling a lucrative fake spare parts business that he was running simultaneously with his official genuine parts business.