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Digital Prime Minister with school students

Digital Prime Minister of India Available in 13 languages Assamese and Manipuri versions of PMs Official Website launched

Realizing that his popularity and acceptance as a leader has been dwindling over notorious measures like the currency ban, GST and other corporate-friendly measures, Prime Minister Modi is modifying his personal image building exercise. The Twitter Prime Minister who has never ventured to give a media interview (except for the government mouthpieces) is strengthening his digital presence by adding more linguistic websites to pop up his sinking popularity as is evident in the recent Gujarat Elections. Even though the ruling party of several years managed to form a government with a simple majority, the election result came as a shock treatment to the jet set Prime Minister, who is often found in foreign countries and diplomatic meetings around the world. 
As the voters in the very home state of the Prime Minister started questioning the development model, Modiji is now modifying his linguistic websites to reach out to the masses. Even after spending a fortune for building up his personal image through paid advertisement, allegedly paid news channels and dubious social media accounts, his popularity is not going up. Recent reports suggested that the Modi government spent a whopping nearly Rs 3,755 crore in three and half years on its publicity till October this year. Quoting an RTI a media report by IANS said the expenditure on advertisements ( April 2014 to October 2017 through electronic, print media and outdoor publicity is Rs 37,54,06,23,616,)an RTI reply by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry.
told Greater Noida-based social activist Ramveer Tanwar. The central government spent over Rs 1,656 crore on electronic media advertisements, including -- community radio, digital cinema, Doordarshan, Internet, SMS, and TV.For print media, the government spent more than Rs 1,698 crore.On outdoor advertisements, which include hoardings, posters, booklets and calendars, the central government has spent over Rs 399 crore, the RTI revealed. This is in addition to the growing publicity budget of BJP, the ruling party. To win the 2014 Lok Sabha Polls in which the ruling party emerged victorious with a huge majority, Over $100 million was spent for the electioneering and of late opposition has been alleging the fraudulent use of electronic voting machines to win some seats in Gujarat and UP.  The BJP spent Rs714.28 crore ($115 million) on the 2014 general election campaign,  the contribution report with the Election Commission of India said in 2014. Despite the corporate media projecting a larger than life image through  dubious prepolls and surveys, the recent election results sent shockwaves across the saffron brigade. He has a regular radio programme using the national radio network too. 
The Assamese and Manipuri language versions of PMs  Official website ,  were launched on the New Year day. The website can now be accessed in Assamese and Manipuri in keeping with the requests from the citizens of the two states.With the launch today, the PMINDIA website is now available in 11 regional languages namely Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu in addition to English and Hindi.
The eleven regional language websites can be accessed at the following links:
The initiative is part of the on-going efforts of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reach out to the people and communicate with them in their own language. It is expected to further enhance the interaction between people from all parts of the country and the Prime Minister on various issues concerning their welfare and development.