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Dubai’s first Roman-style pizzeria serving artisan pizza by the slice

Dubai, UAE, 19 December 2017: Alice Pizza (pronounced “Ah-LEE-cheh), Rome’s authentic pizzeria ‘al taglio’ (by the slice) will be opening its doors in La Mer, Dubai’s trendy beachfront development this January.

With more than 140 locations in Italy, it will be the casual Roman pizzeria’s first outlet to open in the Middle East, where founder Domenico Giovannini uses a patented technique which gives the dough a 48-hour rise with a limited amount of yeast. The result is a light and digestible pizza crust that will leave you wanting more than one slice.

Alice Pizza also brings in the concept of sliced pizza by weight. In fact, according to Roman tradition, pizza is not to be sold in slices, but cut as per the customer’s instructions, then weighed and enjoyed. This means that each customer can choose the type and size of their slices, allowing foodies to explore the menu and not miss out on any of the delicious flavours.

With a selection of up to 20 mouth-watering authentic Italian recipes that are rotated on a regular basis and served fresh and hot out of the pizza oven, food enthusiasts are set to delight in Alice’s offering that has won over the staunchest of pizza traditionalists.