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Delhi Private School Ajmans Charity Drive, Oral Hygiene campaign for workers

 Delhi Private School, Ajman, organized an oral health awareness programme as part of The Year of Giving charitable activities.  Delhi Private School, Ajman, In a bid to make a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged sections of society. Dr Haleema Sadia, Principal of the School said   DPS, Ajman created an awareness programme on Oral Hygiene students and the community workers and laborers. Proper oral hygiene is about more than clean teeth and fresh breath which is one of the best ways to help maintain good overall health. The school took an initiative of lightning the lamp of a healthy future in student’s and residents' lives

Dr Anju Sebastian, consultant general dentist in Al Afaya Medical Centre, Sharjah conducted the awareness programme teaching workers about the several ways to follow the hygienic habit of taking proper care of them to serve the society as a good citizen. The awareness programme was followed by providing a “Free Dental Check-up” for Laborers who neglected their oral hygiene due to the cost factor and ignorance Volunteerism is another scheme at DPS Ajman. Students Volunteered to make a difference in our society. They shared their blessings with hundreds of labourers by contributing Toothbrushes, Soaps and Toothpaste.

PACE Group, UAE and Delhi Private School, Ajman is doing charities like visiting orphanages, nursing homes, sponsoring facilities for people with disabilities, distributing utility items and conducting environmental or other humanitarian initiatives.  She quoted the words of Mother Teresa to explain the charity drive of the school: ” Small act of kindness with great love