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Dr BR Shetty's Humanitarian Gesture to help Kannadika NRI family in distress.

Dr BR Shetty's Humanitarian Gesture helps Kannadika NRI family in distress.

“Thank you for the wonderful, heart-touching article you wrote about Mr. Murthy & his family’s struggle to get custody of the Murthy’s body over huge hospital bill. Your article was a great help for Murthy’s family, after reading your heart touching article Dr. B.R.Shetty came forward & paid the huge hospital bill.Unfortunately, family member are not able to thank you & team personally, due to some personal issues. I personally thank you for your professionalism; kindness, generosity….. I’m falling short of words to express my gratitude to you & your team. Thank you isn’t enough for all your support & understanding to convey the level of gratitude.” Said Veena a South Indian Expatriate.

“Thank you all again for the unbelievable amount of support and understanding. God will bless you & your team. Hope XpatsNews will be one of the top newspaper in India, she added.Xpats News team expressed our sincere thanks and gratitude to the generosity and kindness of Dr BR Shetty Founder and Chairman NMC group who has personally intervened to pay around RS 80 lakhs medical bill of Krishnamoorthy Durgapoa Deira branch Manager of Al Maya Supermarket Reef Mall. The dead body was stuck for nonpayment of the huge hospital bill. Sneha Krishnamoorthy visiting daughter of the deceased called us yesterday afternoon to share the happy news ... though it's a mourning period ..and express the family’s  gratitude to our team for the timely intervention

“Thank you very much, Mr Pramod Mangat CEO UAE Exchange for taking up the matter with utmost priority. Dr. B. R. Shetty - Founder & Chairman of NMC and Chairman of UAE Exchange Group, Prasanth Manghat - CEO, NMC Promoth Manghat - CEO, UAE Exchange Group are involved and supported in this case Thank you Moideen Koya K for promptly handling this humanitarian crisis . The very first story of Xpats News gave a great relief to a distressed Expat family ..That too a sad story dumped in the waste bin of leading English newspaper.   .

“Exemplary humanitarian gesture dear all involved... Dr BR Shetty, Prasanth Mangath & Promoth Mangath,” said Biju Ninan, another Indian expatriate about Xpats.News Impact. Habib Rahman, a media professional, too hailed Dr BR Shetty for the generosity. “Salute the great bounty of Dr.BR Shetty. Thanking every one worked for it,” he posted on the Facebook

“If there's a positive turnout on a story, it's positive by all means. You deserve 3 cheers on the way to materialize a wish. Dr Shetty took it to his heart. Eventually, it happened. Thanks for sharing this great new,” said  Suresh Nellikkodu about the story impact caused by DR Shetty’s intervention.