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Dream Home in a Cost Effective Way

Kochi: Building a house today is doubtlessly an expensive affair. The primary dream of every human being is to build their dream home but the rising prices of products are blocking many from fulfilling it. The bitter truth is that the increasing prices are not making any progress in the quality of products which we purchase.
"The main advantage of interlocking cement bricks is its strength. We don't want to care about the strength while using the cement. The prominent builders in Kerala is not promoting it much as still many clients are not aware of these bricks and fear to construct a home without using cement," said Ajith.k.Unni, Engineer of Archies Constructions based in Palakkad.
Interlocking bricks is the best solution for those who want to build their dream home in a cost-effective way. The introduction of Interlocking Cement Bricks is an alleviation for the industry, while the unavailability of sand for making bricks is becoming a challenge for the construction.
Interlocking cement bricks are made of the combination of Cement and fly ash along with rock dust slurry or metal chips. A brick measuring 10 inch in length, 8 inch in width and 5 inches in height can cost Rs.32 per piece.  The per brick rate for those measuring 10*6*5* is Rs.29."Interlocking Cement Bricks have more finishing than mud bricks. As usual, the society will not accept when something new in its initial stage. Likewise the interlocking bricks still not got a huge popularity as it deserves. Many still fear to try something different experimentally their own leaving others", said K.V.Muraleedharan, Contractor of  Building Designers, Malappuram.
Interlocking cement bricks are not suitable for the construction of big apartments as it can build only a three-floor building. "It is not eco-friendly as compared to interlocking mud bricks and room temperature will be higher than mud bricks", said Joseph P.S, Contractor of Star Constructions based in Palakkad.
Hence the usage of cement and sand is less in interlocking cement bricks, the savings will be about to  30 to 35 percent of the total cost. Since the walls of the house can be built within a week, the use of interlocking bricks is time efficient.The chief pier we need is the hold of skilled workers experienced with interlocking bricks. Construction with untrained workers and minor quality of products will lead to the failure of work.