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My Lockdown Days

Kavya Suresh
As a person who loves spending time indoors just like going out, I  was happy about the lockdown, finnally I could be at home and not have a care in the world for anything else and take a break from this rapidly growing and demanding environment and just focus on myself.I was safe, had a roof above me and  food ready on my table, so it wasn't that hard for me. Lockdown days started off well with  me spending lots of time on social media and other electronic gadgets but soon  boredom stuck.  And out of this boredom I started to explore myself .These past few days were time for self growth.I digged out my  area of interest and discovered another side inside me which I had never had the time to explore deeply or contemplate about. I found myself very interested and on feet in reading,writing poetry,cooking and stitching and watching anime .
 If you ever feel that your going insane staying inside for long then I suggest gardening because trust me it helps you grow mentally and spiritually, it's a pure bliss to see that process of growth and understand that you are a main factor in the growth and sustainance of a living being. 
 YouTube is a great media platform for you to learn new things and there are so many tutorial on there that you can easily develop a new ability or life skill with just a few clicks and devoted time. There are plenty of online courses offered by many universities and organisations which helps to develop your skills. As for me this lockdown days are time for all us  to spend quality time with our  family and it's also  the time we give more importance to our self growth than our financial or academic growth, we are able to dive deep and capture the essence of what makes us tick and explore our real interests and create new interests.