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Life in the Time of Covid -19 Lockdown

Vandhana Varghese
Everything was going just fine and normal until the world suddenly came to a stand still due to a viral infection named Covid-19. With the Chinese city Wuhan as the epicentre of the novel Corona virus, Covid-19 has been named as a pandemic as it has found a way to all parts of the world. Majority of the infected nations called on for a nation wide lockdown with strict curfews. India is one among the first nations to take such an action. Locking the whole nation for 21 days. Schools closed abruptly, exams cancelled or postponed, offices closed, factories locked and so on. All are now confined within their houses with only a single person per house allowed to move out for purchasing necessary items.
The 21 day lockdown has prompted M.G University to postpone the sixth semester examination as well, leaving me free from exams for a few days. Since the number of cases are increasing daily, there are possibilities to extend this lockdown to a few more weeks. Being a final year degree student I’m confused,  ‘Am I gonna graduate or what?’ this is the question I have right now to ponder. Ever since the lockdown was declared by the Prime Minister, I’ve been spending my time watching the movies in my watch list and the series I skipped for the excuse of classes and exams, reading eBooks, scrolling through Facebook, talking to my best friend over phone, doing household chores and doing simple work outs to stay healthy while being  indoors. 
The things I mentioned above might sound cool to the readers but it is not exactly the way you think. I get tired often especially from using my phone, that’s what I noticed recently. All these time I was never tired of using it but now I do. My fingers ache sometimes (yeah it’s true). The speed of my internet service was rather too slow during the initial days of the lockdown which lead me to despair for sometime.  Also tragically, the release of the new season of my favourite series is now affected by the pandemic. With restricted movements between the districts, I’m unable to visit my grandparents for this year’s Easter celebration, which I had never missed in my lifetime. I’m sorry to myself because of not getting a chance to attend the church services of the Holy week for which all of us were preparing since a good deal of time. 
Well the lockdown sounded good at first but not any more. One day when I went out to buy some provisions, I was stopped by the police and had to present the affidavit indicating the reason for going outside. I’m not really interested in breaking the rules especially during such a time of great caution but I had no choice. Community spreading of this virus disease should be prevented at least here with no questions. Only by staying at home and keeping a social distance can make it happen and save lives, so that we could win this battle by fighting the “ wee invisible beasties”, the nCoV. Stay home, go out only when it is totally unavoidable but always abide by the rules given from the part of the government. Try to utilise this time to read new books or to study a new language or watch movies and series you always longed for, talk to your family and friends those around you as well as those who are staying away, plan your future if you’re a student, reward your mother or father with your help, she/he is the one who is staying home but working for you without expecting anything back. Find out what interests you the most and do whatever makes you happy but always remember the mantra  #StayHome.