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My Lockdown Days

Sona Cherian
"Lock down! Starting from 25th March onwards to 14th April. That's where it all started, locking myself in my abode for 21 days.Everyone is going to be at home my parents,siblings.No running late for school and college,no homeworks, nothing and loads of free time.No more complains that you are not spending quality time with your family. 
I kicked off my lock down days by baking a caramel cake which turned out to be a success. I also followed the trend of making Dalgona coffee which is so creamy and savoury.Thanks to the YouTube vloggers for sharing their secret recipes and teaching us how to do it. I took the initiative to help my mom  in the household chores which lessened her burden and try to sweep our surrounding everyday which is a good exercise also. 
I used to read English books invariably, but thanks to the lock down I started reading Malayalam books of Bashir and Benyamin which is quite fascinating. 
I began to develop new obsessions like sitting outside and gazing, spellbound at the beauty of nature, appreciating my mom's alluring garden.Began to enjoy everything and beleive me, it's the best. Growing your food is the healthiest way of living so I seeded down some vegetables and they have sprouted.
I contemplated my future  and built castles in the air which turned out to be one of my cherished avocation. Watching web series like stranger things and money heist bewitched me and kept me hooked to it all day. 
Recently i saw an instagram post showing a happy middle class  family taking a selfie on one side and on the other, the family of a daily wage worker where he is upturning a piggy bank, searching in vain for some money to feed his kids.lock down is not a vacation crammed with fun for everyone.