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My Lockdown Days

Afrin Shaffeek

It was on March 24th that Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared the 21 days lockdown. It was an awestruck moment for me when I heard about this lockdown and wondered how it could be practically possible. Announcing the largest and toughest lockdown the nation had ever seen, PM also announced that except basic amenities, every shops, institutions and offices shall remain shut down. When the lockdown was declared, initially I became glad as it appears to me as a vacation time. But that happiness no longer prevailed as I had to begin my day counting the number of deaths.

Yes! It’s the pandemic- COVID19, which had been disturbing the whole world since several months, had now begun to affect our nation as well. It’s so weird and pathetic that the whole world is facing the same plight. Rather than considering this situation as some sort of a boring thing, I believe that this is an alert and a valuable time to refresh the selfish thoughts of humans. I could spend more time with my family. This is the time to reconsider our pride as new generation techies. I have never imagined that a virus could reorganise the entire life style of the people. The fast moving world has now taken a pause and is standing still.

Everything starts changing, from the habits of people to the mostly renovated technologies. The atmosphere and environment has taken position out casting the newly developed technologies. The economic shatter happened all over the world has to be seen with fear. These were the random thoughts that have gone through my mind. During these lock down days, I was mentally stressed out as I got stuck at home. The condition of my father and brother was not different and they badly struggled without going even to the masjid. Despite all our frustration let’s stay home and be safe. Let this pandemic be eradicated soon and let this whole world shall recover and arise like a phoenix bird.