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This is the first time in my life I have faced such a situation.The whole world is in a terrible situation.i don't know what state the virus will take over the world.Lockdown days are widely respected by many people.

The first few days I couldn't adjust.Because I really felt like a parrot in the cage.Absolutely that was the truth.Then slowly I tried to accept and adjust the situation.I relied on the phone for the first week.

Then I watched TV and tried new dishes . It was a pleasure for me.This time is a great opportunity for everyone to tryout something new,and discover our hidden talents.After that I spent a lot of time for tiktok videos,then I focused on my fitness, spend time with my pet dog 'Ambro'.

Then I went to the store to buy things.And I was afraid the police would catch me.But nothing happened.For the first time I really got nervous.But that was a good experience for me.police stopped the vehicle and asked ' where are you going'? I just showed the Affiliation form to the police.And  said okay you can go.And I was like 'yes I made it '.

 I was too lazy to go to college.Now I'm eagerly waiting for the college opening.I really miss my friends.

Majority of people are not enjoying the lockdown.Because they are facing big crisis.  so let's fight together against the corona virus.Do our Duty to save the world.