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Lockdown Realisation

Arunima Shaji
21 days, quite nice to hear. That would make me more close to my family, sitting home for long period would wake my talents. I downloaded a lot of e- books for making my free times useful . I thought to use my social network to reconnect with my friends. But this changed within 5-6 days, boredom started to hit my door. Sitting idle became tedious. Felt like time is moving like snail. Not able to step out of house. Stucked inside my HOME SWEET HOME.
A week ago I went out to buy some necessary commodities, I witnessed lonely roads, complete silence,all shutters were down. Along with that the most unusual thing was periodic patrolling of police. Even television showed all the unusual things- the railways the metro rails all were empty,the railway gates are always open. Loneliness was surrounded. Day by day the rate of sick people were increase death rates was massive.
CORONA virus is deadly but it showcased one thing that their is something in the world that doesn't show any discrimination. CORONA has no difference,it attached high classes and low classes, president,Kings and commoners,hindhus and christians, Muslims and Sikhs,Jains. 
 The countries nw understood instead of making guns, missiles and weapon they should make mask, sanitizer and to develop healthcare.
Whatever the Lockdown is we should not forget that Lockdown is for our need, social benefit. We should get rid of the chaos. Each and every citizen should get together ( but remember about social distancing) and fight against this. We should protect ourselves, protect ourselves can protect the society.
             Break the chain...