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Staying indoor has never been my cup of tea. The lockdown did make me happy initially, after being granted leave from the college. It was a break from the busy schedules of the college. But when the decision for extension of the lockdown was brought into force, the initial joy faded out. Considering the spread of the disease, I was lucky enough to reach back home on time and staying safe. Gadgets did ease my boredom in the beginning, but soon turned out to be tedious.  But being a postgraduate student, we were required to undertake an online course that was part of the academia.But the completion of the course again brought me back to the stage of sitting almost idle. It was not so long that I decided to complete those areas of the syllabus that I didn’t have much knowledge about especially the video editing areas.

Staying at home made me want to experiment with the limited resources that I had. And so with YouTube as my guru I started off making those recipes and by luck all turned out to be great. Another way by which I pass my time is photography. Discovering new techniques and methods to capture the best moment made me dive more into the subject. Having done my research in the Korean entertainment industry, I did find time to watch more of the Korean media. And yes, I am addicted to this industry. An interesting thing that I’ve started engaging in is learning foreign language songs.

Everyone does have their area of interest. Try pursuing them effectively. Never cease doing things that turns out to amaze oneself. The lockdown sure is making a great change everywhere, whether it be in the minds of the people or the environment as a whole. Establish new bonds with family by spending quality time with them. Stay updated, stay safe and keep praying for the well-being of the people affected and for the doctors and other social service providers.