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Days of Quarantine

Heera Rajan V
At the beginning everything seemed pretty fine to me. I was one of those people in denial who thought of corona to be just a simple cold that can be prevented if people are a bit more careful but by the time they announced the lockdown I knew that wasn’t the case. 
As a person not so fond of socialising, I was rather happy to finally get to stay at home and have some time for myself and I tried to make use of it. Brushing up my old hobbies was the first thing on my mind and even now I always try to make a new drawing, painting or some craft work whenever I can. Learning to play new songs on my guitar and reading all the books I have also helps a great deal in killing time. But mostly I’m happy that I get to spend more time with my family during these lockdown days like cooking with mom and playing games with dad. 
Even though things are going pretty fine at home, sometimes it just hits me that I’m in quarantine due to a pandemic and not in a family vacation. Sure of the fact that my family and I are doing our part in blocking the spread, it’s disturbing to realise that there’s a limit to what we can do especially for our loved ones who live far away. All my sisters live abroad and my anxiety shoots way up whenever I hear news about the worldwide spread. Mental and spiritual health is often ignored by most of us people and we forget that they play an equally important role in preventing ourselves from getting sick. As a person with allergies, asthma and of course anxiety, kick starting my yoga practice was one of the best decisions I made for this quarantine because it helps a lot both mentally and physically. The world is going through a very tough time but there’s still a glimmer a hope when the recoveries outnumber the deaths. With all the wholesome news of people trying their best to help each other out and of wonderful recoveries, it’s okay to think that this time too shall pass. 
Even though us humans are struggling a little, we cannot ignore the fact that nature is  finally being rejuvenated and that the animals are having the time of their lives. Air is cleaner, waters are clearing up and animals from wild goats to pumas and even endangered animals are coming back. I can’t help but amuse myself by thinking of nature as a fed up mother who put her human kids on time-out so she can get herself back together. The night sky here is much clearer now and an early morning walk  under the stars is the best start to a day. 
It might seem hard for most people but ways to keep ourselves occupied are endless when we devote this time to ourselves. There’s a limit to what I can do but praying everyday for my loved ones and everyone else out there brings me a tad more bit of hope and satisfaction. When I get tensed I just pray, read the Bible and hope for a better time. This is a disease that will heal. Healing takes time and time needs patience.