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My Lockdown Days

Abhirami A

Desperate times come to you when you least expect it. Always. As tradition goes, desperate times call for desperate measures. I study at the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. It was 15th March 2020. News of corona virus grasping the world was disturbing, yet I lived in a bubble. In better words, I couldn't understand the seriousness of it, until the circular issued by my university came asking all of its students to vacate in 3 days. It got real for me. I freaked out as I was not ready. Something made me feel that this break will last longer than promised. It surely did.

I was excited to go home but this was a very unusual situation. I could get infected from the airport and didn't want to pass it to my family. With God's grace, I reached home safely and was supposed to be in quarantine for two weeks. A week down, the nationwide lockdown was declared. It's been almost a month. I hear my friends using the term 'Quarantine and chill' a lot. Well, I can't really chill. This is a very tough time and pressuring everyone to be productive in some way or the other is downright wrong. At my university, we are supposed to submit research papers even for attendance apart from the online classes. The workload is humungous. Still, it keeps me engaged. Right now, me and my classmates are trying to get an extension of the deadlines for our assignments. Hope that turns out well. Other than all this fuss, I cook and draw sometimes. I'm privileged to be safe(atleast for now) and do activities like this during this global pandemic. I would like to extend my love and support for those who are fighting this mishap like our health workers. A big salute to all of them. Thank you. We shall overcome.