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Vrinda S Kumar

Unlocking the locked self.

 Vrinda S Kumar

Smokes and black fumes were enshrouding the sky. Brookes smelt horrible with specks of dirt and wastes. The skin of the Earth seemed lacerated. The pollution was at its peak……

On 25th March 2020, city lights went off. There were no more horns, no more crowds. The entire country was locked down. I did nothing special during the initial days as I was quite bewildered about how to spend those unexpected holidays. After a week, I just casually opened the window glass of my room and found out the sneaky approach of nature in using its time. I saw that the greeneries were unusually fresh. Flowers seemed crispy. Brookes resembled that of a mirror. Sky looked clean like a plain canvas with no artificial hues…….... Yes, nature is unlocking it’s locked self. Like a copycat, I decided to follow the same notions of nature.

There I started my journey to find the locked faces of my heart. Nothing was actually pre-planned. I began a new task of growing microgreens at home. They become 2-3 inches tall and are loaded with a higher concentration of nutrients. I used seeds of mustard, fenugreek, green gram, Bengal gram and horse gram. It was a great pleasure to watch it getting ready to eat in just two weeks. I then began a new habit of sleeping at the terrace in a charpoy watching the night sky. I used the ‘Skyview’ app, which guided me in it. And within a few days, I became able to identify the constellations using my naked eyes itself. It was great fun to observe the moon, Ursa major constellation, Orion constellation, Capricornus constellation, pole star, Sirius, etc. The evening star venus was also visible in those days.


Another habit I developed was to keep indoor plants at every corner of the home and water it daily. The proper arrangement of these plants seemed to decorate the home much more than what costly furniture does. It actually colored our rooms green. Those days also helped me to form a filtered zone of collections within the world of novels and other fiction. I got ample time to taste books of different sorts and to find those kinds of books matching my preferences. Making new experiments in cooking was my other job. I started from indigenous cuisines and even ended up trying Italian and Mexican dishes. It was a great moment watching my family members eating happily the food I made. In the day time, I also spent time watching movies, birding, dancing, etc.


Eventually, I realized that, so many abilities and desires of our hearts are locked down within the barricades built by the society. When people are bustling around to meet the expectations of society, they have no other way than to disregard what the heart says. So I think that the greatest adventure during the lockdown days is to unlock the locked self within us. Here the nature stands as an epitome of the one who has felt the real ecstasy of it.