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Hasna Nasrin Hakkim

Creative ways to proactive during the LOCK DOWN

Hasna Nasrin Hakkim
Of course it's hard to come up with creative ideas when there's an overlay of fear and anxiety during this period as we stay at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our ideas and creativity never will be locked down, so this is the best time for boosting our mental outlook and reducing our anxiety by doing the following activities. 
There are small gifts you can give yourself to help you to bounce back. First of all, you should wake up early in the morning and say a mantra "All will be well" / "May I be happy or healthy". Whenever you are worried or upset meditate always as it is good for getting into a positive mood.
Another way to get resilient is cleaning out your garage, closet, and entire home too. This way you will get ideas how to beautify or decorate your home in a cute manner. After all these start  writing in a journal. Pick a subject that makes sense and write about it. And do same thing in Blogging. Cooking, go for a online recipe and try it out. Drawing and doing creative arts are some of the best ways to boost your creativity to a higher level. And another major thing is Working out for physical fitness and maintain an active lifestyle. This can boost our immune system and reduce the chances of 75% diseases. 
Every small step taken by each individual is a huge step for an improvement in general health and well being and helps you to enjoy a better life. Yes we can defeat COVID-19. Stay safe and stay home.