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Jeny Jose


Jeny Jose

A person who made use of their lock down days would never say "this is so boring". Yes I am one among the people who is enjoying the "stay home stay safe" period. 

Being a PG student studying in Chennai I was  apart from home and now this is an opportunity to have some 'me time'.  

I was a person who enter kitchen just to  food and eat. But this time from the day one of lock down, I cooked at least one dish every day and my cooking experiments are still going on. Sometimes my cooking fails but that's ok, i have more sucess recipes and now guess what ?? I'm not lazy nor afraid to cook instead I'm enjoying doing cooking. 

I was always fond of handcrafts. But due to class, studies, exams, projects etc I was not doing any craft since the past three years. Now I have more than enough time and I did two bottle art work using rice and coffee powder.  Making something beautiful of my own always gives me immense satisfaction and the comments I got after posting the work on instagram gave me motivation to do more.  

Only a hostelite will know the value of home food. Amma's food is always closer to my heart plus cooking experiments of my own led me to gain some weight. I'm not a chunky girl but still I decided to burn my unwanted fat and now it's been one week I spent every 40 mins of the day doing exercise and yoga. Believe me I already started seeing the change.  The rest of the time I watch Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and English movies alternately which is not only entertaining but also a learning of different languages and culture.

Now apart from all these 'me time' activities my hobby is chit-chat with my parents and siblings and long phone calls with my old friends.  So being an ambivert personality this lock down days are definitely okey for me and I'm enjoying every single day.